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            Bet Her Propaganda is the studio recording project of music producer, vocalist, guitarist and songwriter Robert Hanlon.

             Robert was born and raised in St. John’s, Newfoundland. Fascinated with sound recording from a young age, Hanlon combined this interest with the passion for pop and rock music of his teenage years, deciding to aim for a career in the music / recording industries. He spent the late 1980s and early 1990s learning guitar and developing his songwriting. This process was aided by two inexpensive keyboards and several analog four-track recorders. His skills with the four-track recorder brought him into the orbit of numerous musicians in the St. John’s area. He helped them record their demos, while they gave him insight into musicianship, songwriting, and musical band politics.

             Robert relocated to Toronto in the mid-1990s to attend Trebas Institute, graduating from both the Recording Engineering Technology and Recorded Music Production programs. The late 1990s and early 2000s saw Hanlon struggle with numerous financial and personal setbacks. However, these were overcome by 2004; and he was then able to put together his home recording studio and begin properly recording songs that he had been writing since the early 1990s.

             Driven to prove himself, Robert made his first album’s worth of material entirely on his own. He wrote all the songs, MIDI-sequenced all the keyboard sounds and percussion, played all the guitar tracks, did lead and backing vocals, engineered the recordings, mixed and mastered the CD, designed the CD Booklet Artwork, set up the small business entity to oversee his musical affairs, and secured online distribution for his recordings – all while also working two jobs.

            Hanlon got the idea for the name Bet Her Propaganda from graffiti on a National Post newspaper box on Toronto’s University Avenue. Someone had written (in magic marker) across the box, “WRITE BETTER PROPAGANDA”. Robert applied some creative spelling to the idea, and the rest is history...

            Bet Her Propaganda’s first album is The Joy and The Good Times Long Gone. It was released for digital download through CD Baby and its affiliates (including iTunes) in July 2013.           

            Having released an album, Hanlon decided that a video should also be made. Owing to the learning curve involved in starring in, shooting, directing and editing a music video for the first time, the effort took Robert several months. In July 2014, the official video of the song “Sad Over You” was finally completed and released.

             Future plans for Bet Her Propaganda include more videos showing Robert talking about and performing songs from the first album (these videos are currently in pre-production), plus writing and recording songs for a follow-up album. No live dates are planned for Bet Her Propaganda at this time.

NEW SINGLE!!!! "No Caroling For Christmas"

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